After Pastamania, a famous food store, was added to, Ralf Wenzel, its co-founder and chief executive officer, claimed that is the country’s best venture for ordering food on the internet. This venture helps in ordering the food using the internet and helps the food in getting delivered it at your doorstep.

“Foodpanda consists of the largest customer base when compared to any other website and moreover it has the biggest list of the restaurants present (more than 200). Pastamania adds value to this list as many of our customers asked for it when we surveyed them for recommended restaurants,” he said.

Mr Wenzel didn’t disclose the sales figure due to some concerns but he has claimed that over a 100000 people have downloaded foodpanda application on their mobile phones in Singapore. Seeing the popularity of the application, which is available for free to download on the internet.

“Other smaller players are more focused on providing logistic services to restaurants, and because of this I can clearly state that we are the biggest and the best service provide across the country and Asia,” commented Mr Wenzel about how Foodpanda is helping both the big and famous restaurants and the smaller restaurants who have gained popularity by being mentioned on Foodpanda’s website.

After Pastamania joined Foodpanda, Foodpanda included all of its thirty outlets on the website. This helped in promoting Pastamania. People who didn’t know about Pastamania got to know about it.

Mr Wenzel said: “The best thing that attracts the customers is the easy to use platform. They want all their favourite food items and restaurants at one place without the pain of registering on several platforms. And here Foodpanda takes away the victory.” when discussed about the food delivery system of Pastamania.


Started by the German startup Rocket Internet, in no time Foodpanda was introduced in Singapore and other Asian countries and gained popularity in famous Asian countries, especially India.

Soon in no time to Foodpanda acquired the delivery system Singapore-Dime and moreover joined hands with online supermarket Redmart and also with the mobile loyalty card application Perx.

The funding of $28 million will be used to expand the firm all across the globe as mentioned by Mr Wenzel. Moreover it is the organizational goal of Foodpanda, to spread its network all across the globe.

Currently more than 30 countries across the globe in Latin America, Europe and Asia are being served by this amazing website.


Mr. Wenzel commented “When South-Asian countries are considered, then Singapore is a major player. The e-commerce market in Asia is growing rapidly, too, and we are happy to take part in this great development,” this is because of the population density in Singapore and moreover the short distances between the urbanized areas across the country.

Another Singapore-Based Food delivery system is a major player in the country with more than fifty thousand registered users and more than 70% of the overall registered restaurants across the country.,, Gourmet To Go, Thai To Go and George Delivery are also a few competitors in this region.

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